Monday, November 14, 2011

Reflection Two

Reflection Two

In this chapter I realized how very frustrating it must be for kids with FASD to do well in school not knowing or understanding why they struggle in so many different areas. If all of the services needed for their success were in place and consistent in their lives they would have a better chance at becoming successful academically. A lot of schools don’t have teachers that are compassionate towards the needs of individual children or their disabilities and because of this it affects the children’s confidence and self-esteem. The teachers may not have enough patience or education surrounding the facts of FASD therefore having a negative effect on the children’s learning.

The guilt and shame that parents, foster parent and adoptive parents feel are reinforced when they interact with people who are judgmental through their own ignorance and misunderstanding. The parents, foster parents and adoptive parents are experiencing the same shame and guilt as the children. This fact must have such a negative effect on the willingness for these people to come forward and utilize these services that are available. As a result a lot of children are not having their needs met in order for them to become academically successful and confident.

There is hope through the continued education and implementation of these services to teachers, principals and people who are directly involved with the children who have FASD. With all of these people working together the kids have a much better chance of experiencing feelings of confidence and support to be successful. Teachers, who are compassionate about the individual needs of these children, play a crucial part in providing the services needed and making sure that these needs are met by all parties involved. With constant advocacy and involvement these children can be successful and accomplish their own dreams and goals in their lives.

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