Wednesday, November 30, 2011

reflection 6

All teachers should take that time and sit back to watch the children they are teaching. They need to know and understand how a child is reacting to their teaching. It is very sad that they don’t have the patience to look into a child’s life outside of school, what special needs they might have, what the family situation is, or even if the child has enough background to understand the lesson. They just expect a child to learn and when they don’t that makes both the child and the teacher frustrated.

It is not right for a child to be judged inappropriately, especially by a teacher that is supposed to be teaching in a helpful manner. Instead of looking into what the problem might be, the teacher might assume the child is just lazy. In frustration the teacher might give a bad grade or a wrong finger pointing. The Teachers should be the ones to be tested to find out if they can figure out a child’s needs whether a normal child or one that has FASD. It is better to be tested because that way they can have a better understanding.

Every person has to have a clear picture to get things done. No person can be given a task without some explanation, just as kids need to be taught proper ways to get them started such as 123, or ABC Steps. A baby cannot walk without the proper teaching or without holding something secure. So in order to have the right teaching for a child of FASD, the teacher should be looking at the individual with unique needs. It may take time but the child is the one who benefits!

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