Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reflection #1

Reading "Making a Difference for students with FASD" re-confirmed my thinking that children with FASD have struggles within their learning environment due to the lack of supports in the home, classroom and within their community. The FASD team in Yukon has impressed me with their determination to create a network of people to help those with or effected by FASD.

I feel that the stigma that is attached with FASD is so great, that many children in my village are not getting the help they need. Not to say that if they received this diagnosis they won't be plagued with the labeling that goes along with it, but it will open doors for support that is much needed. I agree and believe that the more positive factors we can encourage within my community, the brighter the future will be.

I am looking forward to learn more about reducing the impacts of FASD. Following the 12 Essential Elements and integrating them with my own special techniques, I hope to help create a stimulating learning environment which enables children with FASD to benefit from learning in the normal "classroom" environment. By developing such strategies within the community, there will be little room for those diagnosed or non-diagnosed with FASD to not excel and live full, meaningful lives.

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