Monday, November 21, 2011

Reflection #4

It is important to provide structure and routine for people with FASD. Their success depends on the consistency of their routine. It is also important to plan for changes so as to help keep them stabilized.

How difficult it must be for our clients with FASD. It isn't easy to imagine how life must be for someone with FASD, but we can make it a bit less challenging if we help them learn good habits and structured routine. This may be hard to maintain in the home. In the school setting structure is easier to set up and maintain. Hopefully with collaborative efforts in a good working relationship with parents and teachers this skill can be shared with parents in order to help support the student.

In the event that a routine might change, and they will sometimes, it is important to think ahead and plan. I think humor is a good way to approach unexpected changes in a routine. Having used this accidentally with a client who was about to have a major behavior because of a change, I found it continued to work with him. Of course, maybe that wouldn't work for everyone, but its worth a shot.

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