Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reflection 7

The first thing that caught my attention, because I never knew or thought about it, was that students with FASD are either really hyper, or they are under-aroused with low activity level. They are either over aroused or under aroused. I had an idea that they were over aroused, but never stopped to think that in a low activity, or slow pace activity they are not interested. I guess I always thought they would be interested in what ever was going on, and sometimes way to interested.
Seeing items like the kangaroo ball, yoga ball, scooters or scooter boards in the special education department in school, I always thought that they were there just to keep the students interested or occupied. I did not know that they were for movements and activities that allow them to use their sensory skills.
The last thing i'd like to add is that I did not learn anything really from the problems and remedies. Although it's great information I thought from the beginning they were to match up and have direct remedies for each problem. After realizing that not how it was in the text book, I stopped and thought about how different each individual is with FASD, and that each remedy might not work for one person but works really well with another individual.

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