Monday, November 28, 2011

Reflection #6

Imagine the stress that can occur at school if the teachers are not educated in how to appropriately work with students with FASD. The chaos that could result is easy to visualize. The well-being of both student and teacher in the school setting is dependent on understanding and proper training on the part of the teacher.

The student with FASD can be very stressed at school if structure, routine, or FASD age appropriate guidelines are not considered. This stress can, and most likely will, develop into behavior issues. The student won't be aware that they are stressed, this is the job of the teacher to sort out.

When associating with other children, the FASD student may again be very stressed. The student with FASD may not show any physical characteristics of FASD and other students may expect more age-appropriate actions from them. If the student with FASD appears to be 'different' from others this can cause more problems again.

Finally, the teacher, without the proper training will not be happy with the resulting outcome of chaos at school. The teacher, feeling out of control and unhappy, must advocate for special training to support the needs of the students. Both teacher and students will benefit from adequate training.

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