Thursday, November 17, 2011

Reflection 5

Reading Essential Element 5 made me think more about problem solving skills. It helped me understand that when you are busy doing the same thing and getting the same result that maybe you need to change what you are doing. This would be a very essential skill to have when dealing with any child but especially with a child who has FASD.

I now have a better feel for how I would need to change what I am doing in order to help the child change their behavior. Instead of continuing on a path that leads to frustration for us both I would need to stop and figure out what is really going on. This would require me to take a step back from the situation and if I am too emotionally involved I may need someone else to step in and see what is really going on. As sometimes we can become so focused on what we think that we can fail to see the truth.

The chapter helped me realize that there is more than one answer or solution to every issue. A child with FASD may require me to search for alternative options as they each have a unique way of processing information. I now see that some children with FASD are very concrete in what they hear and take in and may be unable to transfer the information over to another setting or situation. This knowledge would help me to be a better teacher/counselor. Instead of just punishing the child because I assumed they knew better I would be able to go back and help the child with understanding the rules and the places they can carry over to.

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