Monday, November 14, 2011

Reflection #3

I've been surprised when I find out that a child has FASD. When I see a child that looks like anybody else it is hard to know that they have FASD. They also laugh, cry and enjoy running around just like anybody else. Some may be a little less coordinated, but that wouldn't make me say he/she has FASD. I can see how not knowing would help disguising those who are not diagnosed.
I try to start any day by asking a child how they are doing because I really want to know, and that may be the one time they feel that someone cares. A lot of people don't have the time or want to take the time to find out. People get tired of repeating themselves or sick of correcting behaviors. I feel they even push them along just to get them out of their class and on to the next grade.
If we could get more people educated in FASD maybe it would help them stop and listen. It may even help them see a side of the child that needs the help. There are children that have the obvious birth defects, and that gets people to talk slower and give them their attention. Sad to say, It even goes along with how you dress and what your parents drive as to who's attention you get. I wish everyone was treated with the same respect no matter what lable you where.

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