Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reflection Three

It must be so hard for children with FASD not to give up in different areas of their life. Having to struggle with tasks that may be simple for the next person; than having to be misunderstood and potentially mistreated. I think about how desperate they must feel; they themselves not knowing why they have so many problems in their lives through no fault of their own. It is so important for these kids to have people in their lives that are patient and take a sincere and compassionate approach to help them learn. There are probably so many children that are labeled as problem children due to undiagnosed FASD.

Because of the cognitive disabilities these children should have special classes and teachers that are educated to meet their individual needs. I feel that their needs could never be met in a regular class room in a public school. People with FASD most likely get overlooked and left behind struggling not only with their education but with low self-esteem and feelings of not being smart or good enough. Because of the unseen disabilities they have; expectations are high not only from teachers but from society. Leaving them with feelings of discouragement and sadness.

Meeting all the needs these children have in order for them to be successful seems almost impossible due to lack of funding or interest. Being able to provide them with an emotionally nurturing environment takes a lot of committed people that have a sincere compassion to help them become successful. These services that are needed I do not see present in any of the schools that I know of; this is very concerning considering all of the children that are born with FASD every year.

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