Monday, November 28, 2011

Reflection 6

What I have read in this section of the book is that individuals with FASD are mainly unable and not unwilling to fully interpret instructions. This information I felt like I already knew. I read earlier in the book and already had a general sense that the individuals with FASD have neurological problems within their brain and they do not work like those with out FASD. The actions of an FASD individual, might seem like they are doing it intentionally, but really they are not.
I learned that people with FASD have a developmental age that is younger then their cronical age. Although I already had a sense of this before I took this class, it was great to actually see it in a perspective as mentioned in the book. I did not think that an eighteen year old FASD child, would actually be going on to the developmental stage of a 10 year old. That gave me an understanding on how individuals are at an older age, then at a younger age. I've always just thought of younger people with FASD, and not older ones.
I also learned that when an FASD student is maybe caught stealing, that they might not understand the concept of ownership over time and space. Or that they think "finders keepers". I I would have thought although they have problems understanding things that they would understand the concept of ownership. For example, the car my parents drive, it belongs to my parents, etc.

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