Monday, November 28, 2011


Interpreting behavior is vital in the life of someone with disabilities because we often misunderstand what is being said or done as bad or wrong behavior in any a particular setting. The value of this is to understand and work with the person to better serve them and have a positive outcome.I believe the way to do this is looking at each person that I try and help to see the individual's strengths but also their disability.
The idea of one size fits all we know even in the general population does not work, can use a model of individuality to create better outcomes. This approach is needed to help enhance life in general for those diagnosed with FASD. Individuals diagnosed with this disability with structure and what is called in schools IEP or individual education plan is vital to their success.
The IEP tends to look at areas of strengths to be built upon but makes attempts to encourage the individual to work on other areas that can help enhance their abilities,however, we know that there are somethings in an individual with FASD that will not change. Understanding behavior is the key to helping these indivduals with dealing with daily life.

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