Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Reflection #5

I have seen many children that are labeled as "bad" because of their behavior. Too many times the "bad" child is sent to the office, cited and then sent home to be grounded. Taking time or "STOPPING ACTION" to understand what the issue really is makes so much more sense.

Watching a child try so hard to make others happy and strive for acceptance is not always easy. In many cases they are set up for failure due to how realistic our expectations are. We assume we know what is going on because we gauge their behavior on behaviors of others. By stepping back and observing the environment as a "whole" we can move forward with a plan.

I really like the term "reframed"; it makes me think of reframing a picture into a master piece! By using simple terms, listening and observing we can make a difficult environment into one that the child blooms.

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