Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reflection 8

Reflection 8
I know have more knowledge of what are concrete and abstract
concepts. I already had an understanding of this but really didn’t put too much
thought into it. After reading this chapter I realize just how much of my daily
life revolves around abstract concepts and if I had trouble understanding them
I would be totally lost and frustrated. I am learning so much from this class
because it is making me open my eyes to someone else’s reality. By
understanding how hard it is for them to get concepts that I just take for
granted has made my desire to help others increase greatly.

Knowing that children with FAS have trouble understanding
abstract concepts makes me more aware of how I would let them know what is
expected of them. In order to correctly process information it should be told
to them using concrete language. They also need to be taught what expectations
are carried over to other situations. Not having the ability to understand
abstract concepts can stop them from learning and keep them frustrated. I think
this information is essential to any person dealing with FAS children.

I am glad to have gathered some information on things I can
use to help children with FAS have a better understanding of abstract concepts.
Using visual supports would be a benefit to all children and would give the FAS
child cues to what to expect. A big thing I learned was that I can’t just
remove something from their routine; I need to cue them into the fact it won’t
be happening not that it just doesn’t exist anymore.

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