Monday, November 28, 2011

Reflection 7

Reflection 7
Essential Element 7 gave me a better understanding of sensory integration. By knowing that people have varying degrees of reactions to sensory stimulus teachers and counselors can develop better plans for the students/ clients. It is especially critical to have this information when dealing with students/ clients who have FASD.

Children with FASD have trouble processing sensory information which can cause them to have behavior problems. If they are over reactive it can cause them to be agitated and distracted while if they are under reactive they can constantly moving, be unaware of being hurt, or have a lack of fear. By being aware of noises or visual stimulation in the environment that may disturb the child we can either look to lesson these distractions or help prepare the student. I was glad to learn different techniques and sensory items that can be helpful. This information is essential knowledge when trying to maximize a student’s potential to learn.

Knowing that children with FASD often have physical problems is a very important piece of information. I am glad to learn some information on common types of physical problems. I took away a great deal of useful information from the suggested remedies for the child and teacher. By being aware of the physical problems the teacher can make adjustments and help the child have a better learning experience. This chapter was very helpful and will help me develop a better way of working with children with FASD.

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