Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reflection #7

Students with FASD can be particularly sensitive to their environment. The way they process information may make them over or under react to stimuli. This results in difficulty processing sensory information.

Simple things that an ordinary person would not even notice can become a huge deal for someone with FASD. As an example, for an person who experiences FASD, a dog that is barking two blocks away could interfere with their ability to focus. Some people may also under-react which can be dangerous if they are unaware of danger or pain that they may be feeling.

It is important to learn strategies in order to help the FASD student with sensory processing. Not only for their safety but also to avoid some behavior problems. As sometimes there may not appear to be any reason that a person all of a sudden has a some kind of unwanted behavior. Proper tools and interventions will make both the student and teacher happier in the school environment. This can lead to a good learning relationship between the two and hopefully be taught to carry over to the home environment.

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