Wednesday, November 16, 2011

reflection 3

It is hard to tell of what stage a child is of FASD. A child may look normal but the unseen damage is something we can never see. Every child should be treated equally. But FASD children need special care. It is important to keep the respect and comfort for the children.

There is always a different approach every day. Taking a look at body language may help to guess how the child may be feeling. Thinking what to “maybe” expect, knowing that eventually the child will get tired and may start to re-act in different ways. Try and keep from doing activities or assignments that may change their feelings too much and maybe do something else for a while can help, then try going back to what needs to be taught.

FASD children should not be pushed too hard to do school work but to give encouragement. Work with what they are most interested in, or even try to make school fun for them to really be involved. Always watch what you are doing if front of a child because they can sense bad vibes easy. That can turn them away from wanting to participate.

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