Sunday, November 27, 2011

Reflection Seven

Essential Element -7

After reading this element; I thought about these kids putting themselves at risk without intention because of the sensory integration damage. It takes a lot of education and training for people who are providing care for FASD children to keep them safe and know why they do what they do. Caring for a child with FASD is a twenty four hour a day job that has a lot of different needed components

This information has been very helpful although I am sure it is just the beginning for working with people with FASD, being able to be patient and understanding is the most important source of compassion. These children have special needs that people need to be aware of to help support and encourage them to grow, become independent and successful as they mature. Continued support throughout their lives is essential to their own safety and growth.

A lot of these children most likely are diagnosed incorrectly due to their disabilities; then prescribed medications that won’t help them at all. The unseen disabilities and brain damage are not treatable through medications; these children’s environments have to be adjusted. All of this information made me think about how many kids with FASD are institutionalized because there are not diagnosed or haven’t received the help or supportive services they need.

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