Monday, November 14, 2011

Reflection #1

It is surprising that FASD isn't discussed in a more open forum. The impact that this avoidable disorder has on communities around the world is heavy. Change needs to happen in this area; women need more education before and during pregnancy and if a family does have a member with FASD then they need help and support.

My personal opinion is that alcohol testing for pregnant mothers should be mandatory, and more often for those who have a history of abuse. It shouldn't be a judgement issue. It should be straight out against the law to drink when you are pregnant, but not that they would be sent to jail but just sent to a sober environment for a duration of time. This could be done without feeling of shame or disapproval toward the mother. The provider can just be understanding but say something like"we want to help you and protect you and your child." If the government would pay for this then they would save money in the long run. The problem is, women don't always know they are pregnant.

For people affected with FASD there can be help to succeed and be happy in life. With the support of family, teacher, and the community, people who experience FASD can learn structure and habit patterns that will help them learn daily living skills. Communities need to be aware and watch for compassion fatigue so we don't lose valuable people who are educated and can make a difference in the lives of children and their families.

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