Sunday, November 20, 2011

Reflection Four

Reflection four

How scary the world must be at times for children with FASD; especially if the parents are still struggling with their own disease of alcoholism and are unable to provide the structure that they so desperately need. There may be parents that have to work and are unable to provide the necessary structure needed. What do they do without the needed support and lack of services to help their child be successful in this world? How desperate they must feel at times not being able to stay at home because of their need to provide for their families.

Knowing the difference between structure and control is very important for not only teachers to know but also parents in order to help the child feel more supported and understood. There has to be lot of patience and people who are willing to try different strategies in helping kids with FASD for them to be successful and partially independent. A lot of these children must go through life with feelings of never being good enough and also experiencing the feeling that people have given up on them. Imagine how many of these children are left behind or end up in institutions in State’s custody.

There is hope for helping these kids. With the very few people in this world that have compassion and interest they can make a difference in these kids’ lives. If there could only be more policies in place that are specifically designed to help and assist kids; where teachers are required to take a class focusing on FASD. With peoples continued interest and compassion; differences can be made and changes can happen. It only takes one person to make changes and bring more awareness of how important it is to provide the necessary services to help FASD children.

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