Monday, November 14, 2011

Reflection 2

When first skimming the chapter I started to think of what i know about this disorder. I agreed when the book started stating that the judgmental towards the parent who has a child with FASD is not the right path to take. Although everyone makes mistakes, the child already has the disorder, there is no reason to start pointing fingers and making the situation worse. The only this to do here is to do the best we can to make life easier.
I found it interesting to read that most children with FASD, try to cover up that they really don't understand whats going on when they say they do. I can understand why the children do this. With their peers around possibly working at a faster pace then they are, they might just want to be like everyone else. I know that people look at children with FASD as less then perfect. It is seen everywhere, but most of them don't know that this child has the disorder. Once they understand that this child is not at the same standards as most, then they step back and know that the child has difficulties.
When reading the chart on types of family school partnerships, I found it a little confusing at first, but then I started to distinguish the differences between them. It was interesting to view it from the four different types described. I did not even think of websites to visit to learn about this disorder. The websites provided will help me learn and understand the disorder.

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