Friday, November 11, 2011

reflection # 1

It is very good to hear that there are places in the Yukon that are actually having teamwork with special skills to help improve the challenges that are of FASD, not only with children, but also with adults. It is that we as people can do the help for others that need that help and learning of whatever needs to be taught as well as learning from one another. This can be done in so many villages working together, I know it takes money to get the right organization but as willing to help in your community with FASD does not charge.

It does take a lot to learn and to try and understand of the mind of a FASD person; only we can help by what we have been taught more from our Elders and from those who are caring for a person of FASD. It does take a community to raise a child, and it is always very helpful to be involved in activities to better understand the child’s ways of interacting with others.

I like the way compassion fatigue is brought up because it is very hard to try and keep yourself from getting so close to especially children that are affected with FASD. When working with children it is very hard not to keep closeness with them. I know before working with children, or a person of FASD, we are taught to try and keep the job at work. Another is to become another “you” when you are off of the job and back with your family. I know though it is hard once you end up seeing that child out in public activities and he/ she has that trust in you, the child will want to spend that time with you. It is ok but we have to remember that being in a public place an being around the child with so many others it can be a little harder to interact.

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