Friday, November 11, 2011

Reflection 1

Reflection One

The chapter was very educational regarding the teachers in the Yukon and the efforts made to help assist them in working with children with FASD. The information for compassion fatigue that teachers experienced before getting educated I feel was very important in order for the teachers to be able to have the patience and insight within themselves to continue working with these children. Feelings of frustration due to misunderstanding, the lack of knowledge that may have resulted in the loss of a lot of good teachers before they started this program is disheartening.

Making sure that all of the support and resources are available for these children and all of these people working together is very important in order for children with FASD to feel confident. Having supportive services and people available will help the children feel successful. Having all of this may be hard for some schools to have in place; this could be due to lack of monies or interest from school districts and the state. Money is always an issue when education and resources are needed another issue could also teacher retention.

Community driven change takes a lot of involvement and commitment from different people, I admire these people who are willing to take the extra time and effort to make these changes happen. Knowing that Alaska does have very high rates of FASD, these services that are offered are very important to have in place to help children accomplish their educational goals. These services will encourage and support continued learning and the possibilities of pursuing a college education.

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