Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reflection Eight

Reflection Eight

Reading the story of Jack made me think of how people assume that what they may have said is completely understood and people’s behavior as a result may be interpreted as defiance. People who don’t have FASD interpret things differently and communication in a lot of situations has to be direct so people can follow specific direction. Being concrete is good for all children not just kids with FASD; this helps them follow better direction.

Not being able to interpret emotion must be very frustrating; not allowing them to appropriately express themselves leaving them feeling helpless. This may be the very reason that a lot of kids with FASD turn to drugs and alcohol due to feelings of helplessness and not being understood. There are a lot of disabilities that they suffer from that put them at higher risk of becoming victims or lost in the system.

Computer based learning programs seem to be more accessible to FASD children rather than the regular classroom where expectations are high and the required need is almost nonexistent. These programs would allow them to work at their own pace and provide all of the necessary cues that they need in order to address all aspects of their learning needs. These computer programs may not meet the time frame placed on children to accomplish the required credits in order to graduate and they may not be able to graduate the year they are supposed to.

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