Monday, November 14, 2011

Reflection 3

Reading essential element 3 helped me better understand how sometimes we judge people by the way they look and don’t take the time to understand what is going on inside them. Because many FASD children look “normal” society tends to expect them to act and learn normally. I think these expectations can greatly frustrate the teacher and the student. The information in this chapter will be a great help to anyone working with FASD children as well as other disabilities that are not easily seen by outside appearance.

By learning more about children with cognitive disabilities I am better able to understand why they would need a different educational process then other children. I knew that children with FASD often needed special instruction and help but did not really comprehend exactly why. I was surprised to learn that a student with FASD can perform the same task at a different level at different times. Without this knowledge, I think I may have assumed that if they didn’t perform as well today as they did the day before that they were not trying or just not paying attention.

I knew that children with FASD often had behavior problems. I never really knew that their behavior was not intentional. I just assumed they were being bad to get attention, instead I learned that they really may have no understanding of how to appropriately handle different situations. This information caused me to stop and rethink how I should respond to these children. It helped me understand that sometimes a person just needs to try something different.

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