Sunday, November 27, 2011

Reflection #6

Looking closely at the interpretation of behavior, I feel that I have found the missing piece to the puzzle. Who would have thought we were misinterpreting a behavior like stealing for lack of understanding? It makes me me feel so under educated. With the correct tools, I can look past that behavior and ask myself if the child even understands what he or she just did.

A wonderful piece of information that I am now armed with from element six is having the chronological/developmental age tables. Reading through them and seeing the difference is shocking. I wonder how many of our educators even know about this or would be willing to have this taped inside their grade books. Tools like this will help remind us to look again, and not jump to conclusions.

By interpreting the behaviors correctly and focusing on the positive instead of the negative could make a child's future wide open. Whoever looks down on a child that acts differently needs to look at themselves closer and ask themselves what would have helped them learn easier or faster? Wouldn't it have been nice to be encouraged in a positive way? We are all created by the same creator, it's just that we look and act as an individual. And what is wrong with that? I say nothing, people just need to learn to interpret behaviors appropriately.

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