Thursday, November 24, 2011

Reflection Six

Awareness is what this element made me think of and how expectations from teachers can really interfere with the success of children with FASD. The expectation that these children can function in day to day life like the next child is totally setting them up for failure. All of the unseen damage that FASD children have that may have never been diagnosed medically leaves them at risk of unnecessary imposed consequences throughout their lives.

The learning theory is a cut and paste model that isn’t sensitive to any child especially children with FASD; all kids need to be treated as individuals with very individual needs. If there are expectations and assumptions placed on children with FASD to be able to interpret and process information like the next child their chances of being successful and confident will most likely be nonexistent. The packaged discipline programs in the school districts will continue to diminish and demean children with FASD which could potentially lead to depression or worse.

Social and behavioral problems that children with FASD have are very impacting on their emotional health and their need to feel accepted by their peers; especially during the adolescent years. Because of their cognitive impairments they are at a higher risk for criminal activity, drug and alcohol use and also sexual assault. Essential element six made me really think about how much work it is to care for a child with FASD; it definitely takes a lot of love and care.

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