Monday, November 21, 2011


The essential element 4 really cause me to be taken aback, by the concepts of structure versus control. The concept of control is often how the people appear to gear getting things done and is not the best practice as I think about helping people with disabilities. Disabilities or illnesses that are not reversible cannot use this model of thought.
To attempt to control something that is permanent is irrational to think this will help anyone. The disability that is not recognized or when we as helpers believe it is just an act is detrimental to those we serve. I believe that without proper training educators often find themselves with this attitude out of frustration.
As you look into the concept of structure, adjusting to meet the persons needs and to make it consistent would likely give you a satisfactory outcome. Creating a viable routine for the person you are serving appear to be best practice. in the concept of structure to remember the focus here is the person needing help.

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