Friday, November 18, 2011

Reflection Five

FASD Reflection five

After reading this chapter it really enforces my awareness regarding the needs for additional services for children with FASD, there is no way that all of their needs can be met the way the school districts are currently operating. Having teachers that are really interested in each of their students is the only way that FASD children are going to be able to be successful in their education. There are no FASD specialists in the schools systems here in Juneau that I know of to help these kids. I have never heard of an FASD specialist before I read this article.

Being aware of the S.O.A.P is a very helpful tool to use to help these kids stay on task and become less stressed or ridiculed by people. It also can decrease the stress and frustration levels in teachers to help them have healthier interactions which help these children feel more supported and encouraged. It seems almost impossible for classroom to meet these needs or to find teachers and people who are willing to make all of the necessary changes to help these children. All of these services cost money and the United States monies are taken every year from education. Having these implemented in our schools only seems like a dream.

FASD awareness and education among teachers and all school staff is a very important piece that needs to be implemented in every school .This is something that is overlooked and misunderstood; it is not fair to these kids that through others peoples ignorance or disinterest that they have to suffer. All of these services being offered in Canada are a very important aspect of the health care they offer in this country. I was at FASD training and one of the guest speakers from Canada shared with the audience “The problem is that In the United States health care is a business”.

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