Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reflection #3

It is common for people with FASD to be unfairly judged by people who don't know them. This is because FASD is a cognitive disability with little to no physical indicators. People often will expect more from someone with FASD just because they might "look normal."

This judgement by physical appearance can be difficult not only for the individual but for the parents or other family member. If the individual is misbehaving in a public setting many people will not refrain from commenting on the lack of control the parents have and judge them for having 'bad' kids. This is also common in other diagnosis such as autism and aspergers.

In our lesson it was mentioned that in the classroom it isn't about the student or teacher trying harder it is about trying something different. This is a good point because people learn in different styles. Also, it could be that the material just isn't interesting. With imagination and creativity a teacher may get a better outcome with a student than before.

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