Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I am Viewing the elements and beginning to understand how they apply to other clients as well as people diagnosed with FASD. The different ways of seeing the person causes me to begin to work from new perspectives. The reality of S.O.A.P is a method that can be used in any situation when it comes to changing for the clients benefit.
S.O.A.P the acronym which means stop action, observe, assess, and plan is a universal method to helping. This model of helping creates structure and help the client can be integrated into a diverse skill set to help people.I believe I can begin using this model in more situations that we began to see in the substance abuse field.
The elements that have been discussed thus far appear to be usable in many different populations. I can see how these can be used to help create a treatment plan for a client who has educational issues. It could benefit a client with substance abuse issues that have now because of drug abuse has a diminished capacity to comprehend or follow though with tasks. I can really see how element five will become more integrated into therapy.

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