Monday, November 14, 2011

Reflection 1

After reading the first chapter of the essential elements, I took some time to digest what I had read and see how it fit with what I already knew. I suddenly realized that although the client/ student is the one who has FAS we are all impacted from it. I hadn’t really thought in terms of how their disability could change how I feel about myself.

Working with someone who has FAS can cause people to have self-doubts. They may question if they are doing any good and if it is even worth doing. Their disability can become your disability. But by the same token, their success can become your successes. The way you handle dealing with the situation will actually help determine your own outcome not just the client/students outcome.

I also realized how my own mental health can affect the person with FAS. I need to be ok with myself so I can continue to be of help to them. If I give up or quit they may take that as a sign they aren’t worthy of having help. So in a way our mental well beings are connected.

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