Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reflection #2

What I know of FASD is not a lot. I can see that it is hush, hush and not talked about or approached at all. I hear that it is a worry for the parent, that they feel they are a bad person or parent. I see the need for as many supports and education as possible.
What I have also learned over the years is that working with the parent and child in any scenario equals greater chance of success. Working with a child that has the support of a parent encourages the child to take bigger steps or reassures the child that if they fail someone will be there to catch them and encourage them to get back up and try again. As for the school environment, it tends to get the blame if things go wrong in the childs life, and that blame comes directly from the childs home.
I related to the reading where it states; If the child is having a bad day, concider what may have happened to the child prior to arriving at school. Just a simple check-in may help us see and start where the child is at. And by using the strategies that promote family-school partnerships, we can start building trust which helps increase the childs chances of success.

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