Monday, November 21, 2011

Reflection 4

All these years that I thought I new a little about children with FASD, reading about how they are so sensitive to changes in routines throughout the day amazes me. I did not know that if a teacher or even a parent decides to reorganize a room, that the child would be so confused that he or she would not know where the other rooms are located. I've always wondered why some students would get so confused or angry at the little things. Reading and learning about how FASD students respond to structure and the changes in structure allows me to understand that they don't act confused on purpose.
I've always thought that the reason why students with FASD only succeeded in classes and education because of the assistance that they were given, and the teacher aids that follow and guide them each step of the way. Now reading on how classrooms that provide a high degree of structure and routine will be more successful, it makes me view things in a different perspective. I have learned that students with FASD do not always need a aid 24/7. They might do well with a high structured class room with help from the teacher or other students every now and then.
I believed that if a FASD student would have trouble with changes in a routine, that it at all cost to be avoided. I've learned that changes do happen, and in order for a FASD student to deal with those changes, the aid or person working with this student has to inform them and give clear, concise, concrete and short instructions on how to prepare for the changes. I knew

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