Sunday, November 20, 2011

Reflection #4

Establishing structure has been the one thing that I have learned is vital while working with children with FASD. Setting expectations for all children help encourage them to do their best. For example, by involving the child in what, how and why they are learning there is more room for success. I believe that when we learn what works for our children and share that with their teachers we are creating a more encouraging environment for our child.

Reminding a child over and over may get cumbersome but helps build memory. If a child needs to call home every single day to let her mom know that she made it to school safely and forgets, her mother calls wondering if her daughter is okay. Anything exciting can happen along the way to school and make the child forget to make the call. That may be another part of the structure that needs to be addressed, she may need a reminder from her teacher.

I find that having patience and taking the time to find out what works for each individual child helps make the classroom a friendlier place. There are cases when we don't have time and hurry along. When that happens we can see those that have fallen behind. But by starting out knowing what works for some there may be others that will benefit from the altered structure in the classroom.

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