Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reflection 9

Reflection 9

This chapter helped me understand the memory is actually a neurological function that can affect anyone. My past thoughts on memory were centered on old people and how they get forgetful or have a disease that causes memory loss. I hadn’t placed children with FAS in any category of not having a good memory. Now the learning difficulties and need for repetition when dealing with FAS children makes more sense to me. I cannot imagine the frustration these children must have when faced with situations everyone assumes they should know how to deal with but in reality they have no idea.

By knowing about FAS children’s memory not processing properly I better understand why they need routine. By repeating a process they will hopefully begin to recognize it and be able to use it. It also helps to use visual cues to help them process what they are told to do. When you know the individuals level of understanding and how they learn it makes you plan their lessons so they will have the best possible change of learning.

I feel like the more I understand how FAS affects children and their learning process I am becoming a better counselor. All this information is making me look deeper into myself and try to see things through their eyes. By this I am becoming more proactive in thinking of things to help.

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