Sunday, December 11, 2011

Reflection Ten

Reflection Ten

Thinking about these children and the special people that have to be a part of their learning experiences; taking the time to learn the best techniques to modify suitable teachings. The rates of FASD in Alaska are so high; a class on FASD for teachers should be mandatory not only in Alaska but everywhere. To me it seems that there is not enough awareness surrounding the facts of FASD in our school systems so a lot of these children are not graduating and are being left behind. If we could find out how many high school drop outs may have FASD and take a look at this we might have more kids graduating successfully.

Allowing these children to work at their own pace and accommodating their disabilities is going to help them excel and become more confident. The way things are in the world today with politics this may only be a dream and never a reality; class rooms may never be able to meet their needs. Not just children with FASD but any child with learning disabilities. These children need good strong advocates present in their lives to make sure they are not overlooked or left behind because of break downs in systems.

Learning better social skills for children with FASD seems like a lifelong process; something that may be easier for other children is extremely difficult for children with FASD. Not being able to maintain relationships with their peers and family members most likely has a very negative effect on their self-esteem and may increase feelings of abandonment and anxiety. Viewing the world from the eyes of a child with FASD has helped me feel more compassion and understanding of the struggles and feelings of defeat they may experience throughout their lives. I would hope that through education and awareness that more people will be able to step outside of themselves and wholeheartedly try to help these children.

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