Monday, December 5, 2011

Reflection 8

The first thing that I learned from reading this section of the book was that individuals with FASD have a difficult time with abstract thinking. I never thought that is would be one of the main problems that individuals with FASD would have. I would have thought that it was to difficult to figure out what really FASD people have problems with. It was nice to put it in perspective, knowing that they have a hard time with abstract thinking.
Another thing that I learned and found interesting was that FASD individuals can talk the talk, but at some times can not walk the walk. Those individuals say things that make other believe they know what they are talking about, but in reality they do not. It was nice to think of talking to an FASD individual as if they were very young. And to not give too many choices for them to choose from, and to be very directive.
I have heard of the program OSX. Mainly thought it was for individuals that can not see. I never really would have thought that it can be for individuals with FASD. I would also see very young children using such things as programs from OSX, just to assist them a little bit. I liked the idea of using technology for individuals with FASD.

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