Thursday, December 1, 2011

Reflection 10


The last three chapters in Essential Elements brought everything together and gave me good ideas. I know have a better understanding of both the academic and social struggles that a child with FAS deals with. Knowing these struggles do not end when they reach adulthood, we need to provide them with long-term support in order for them to continue to function at their best. We can’t just get them through childhood and set them loose without something in place for them. This lesson has made me start thinking of what supports we have in place and what supports are needed.

 Their inability to learn social skills may cause these children to act inappropriately which can make them a target for ridicule. It also stops them from forming the bonds of friendships that other children enjoy. Without appropriate help and support these children can end up leading a very lonely life. Society must never give up hope on these children.

One thing that greatly impacted me was the talk of success. Society has norms that are widely accepted and if you fail to meet these you are not deemed successful. When I think of redefining success and putting it on a personal individual level I get very excited. By measuring success this way, everyone is able to see they are a success and there is value in who they are. This is a concept that not only benefits those who have FAS it benefits everyone who is just outside the norm whether from a disability or a chosen life. I greatly believe that everyone has value and can be a success.  

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