Monday, December 12, 2011

Reflection #10

Children with FASD can be taught academics, social skills and daily living skills so that they can be successful in life. Properly trained teachers and informed parents are key to the students success in these areas. Children with FASD who are fortunate enough to have the stability of a supporting family and community are probably the most likely to do well in these areas and continue on in a healthy lifestyle.

There are many ways that a teacher is crucial for helping a child with FASD in learning skills and becoming the best they can be. Teachers can make anything be a learning opportunity and with FASD children, sometimes the simplest things are very important. It is important to be consistent and remember to not expect too much too fast. There are many skills that can be taught to teach and instill good study habits, such as: visual aids, color-coding, repetition, flashcards and note-taking, just to name a few.

It is a very important time for students as they enter higher grades and eventually look at transitioning out of school altogether. Daily living skills are crucial for students to learn. Learning how to care for themselves, looking after the house, and advocating for themselves are a few areas that need to be taught well in advance of a student graduating from high school. If they don’t have the skills and people to help them, like a parent or good friend, they could really have a difficult time.

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