Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reflection 9

One thing that I found important, and what I learned was that we are really trying to not let the student with FASD have unnecessary frustration and stress. I always thought of it as the FASD student as just not understanding, and not looking at it as extra stress on them. It is almost unfair for them to go through these types of problems because it is so simple and easy for people without FASD to understand. It encoraged me to work with FASD students to help them learn and understand with out that extra stress and fustration.
I also learned that we are working towards FASD students to have a constant level of performance. It seemed to me that no matter what the student is always going to have a different outcome every day with the same activities. What was discribed in this section was that if you keep the same language and present the same way constantly, that it is possbile for the student to keep a constant level of performance. I found that great.
Talking about using the same language, I never thought of having the parent, teacher and others working with the FASD student to use the same language and communicate with each other so the student will not be confused so much. I always thought that each person working with the FASD student would always have a different way with working with the child, but I guess that would be too much for the individual to handle.
It was interesting to me when it mentioned to list all 26 letters of the alphabet before trying to teach the student the first three letters. I guess I thought it would be easier to work with the first three, then move on to the next ones till all 26 were taught. It taught me to allow the student to visually see how many letters there are to learn, then start little by little. That was very helpful to learn.

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