Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Reflection #9

FASD has another affect on the brain and that is in memory. As if the student and teacher didn't have enough challenges, the fact that FASD hinders memory can be another challenging issue. But there are ways in which the teacher can help the student learn methods to store the wanted information in the brain where it can be recalled.

The FASD student may have difficulty with remembering to complete and turn in homework, arrive to school on-time and applying what was known before to a future situation. Again we have to go back to the structure and routine of the classroom. This is important to help the student remember what to expect.

Additionally, use of visual aids or using songs to help remember are useful ways to teach memory skills. In fact, the use of songs are not only useful for memory but can dictate what the next activity will be. The "Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Clean Up" seems to be used nearly everywhere in America to get small children to help clean up their mess and at the same time makes it a fun activity for them. Chunking is another form of memory building by breaking things up into manageable sizes. For example, remembering a long phone number would be easier to learn with chunking.

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