Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reflection #8

Visual supports are a much needed piece of and environment for a child with FASD. More and more visual supports are being integrated into daily curriculum for any child with a disability. The written word is needed to be individual friendly and easily understood, if not, the child is likely to to get frustrated and not stay on task.

I see a difference with the youth and young teenagers that have visual supports in the classroom and the home. Using a picture to explain a task is quick for the child to understand and used by more if not all children. I have attended many forums that repeat the same ideas involving structures and supports no matter what the disability.

By integrating these simple and friendly supports there will be less children not understanding. I also feel if we as parents and educators take it one step further by educating our children as to why these things work, they will feel respected and more receptive to trying new things. I have always believed in teaching expectations and reducing room for failure. I also believe our children will excel when it comes time to educating their own children by sharing what worked for them when they had experienced difficulties.

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